Current Analysis experiences layoffs

Logo - Current Analysis - v 2SageCircle has received credible intelligence that Current Analysis has  initiated a job action resulting in analyst lay offs. We will continue to provide updates as we learn new information.

  • Update: 9/3/09 5:56 am PT -Initial post. Sent request for confirmation to Current Analysis’ press office 
  • Update: 9/3/09 6:14 am PT – Initial analyst added to list
  • Update: 9/3/09 6:51 am PT – Official statement from Current Analysis posted
  • Of course, layoffs impact real people with families and obligations. Often AR people are genuinely friendly with the analysts they work with and this sort of news can be a shock. Unfortunately for AR professionals, analyst firm layoffs also raise important issues that need to be addressed ASAP no matter how much sympathy they feel for the analysts caught in the layoffs.

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    Current Analysis  Official Statement

    From: Spinelli, Natalie
    Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2009 6:46 AM

    We did make some changes to the structure of our services and we are creating some new services, but NO services or coverage areas were eliminated. Details of the new organization, service Continue reading


    Listing of analyst firms who have laid off analysts in 2009

    This is a simple index of posts covering analyst layoffs at various firms. If you hear of job actions at analyst firms, please contact SageCircle at 503-636-1500 or “info [at] sagecircle [dot] com” with tips and insights.

    1. Aberdeen Group (January 2009)
    2. AMR Research (January 2009)
    3. Burton Group (January 2009)
    4. Current Analysis (September 2009)
    5. Enterprise Management Associates (May 2009)
    6. Forrester Research (February 2009)
    7. Gartner (January 2009)
    8. IDC (April 2009)
    9. In-Stat (February 2009)
    10. iSuppli (January 2009)
    11. The 451 Group (February 2009)
    12. TowerGroup (July 2009)
    13. Yankee Group (January 2009)