Planning can increase your effectiveness and efficiency by dovetailing activities

Analyst Relations Planning 

“So how am I supposed to make time for this wonderful idea?”


This is a common question we get from AR professionals and managers, and it comes from both novices and experienced pros. It is typically asked within the context of a discussion about best practices training or a discrete activity (e.g., “moving the dot,” influencing an analyst conference, doing more client inquiries or experimenting with social media). Granted, if you added up all work associated with the “wonderful ideas” that SageCircle recommends for AR programs, then it would seem pretty daunting. 

However, it is wrong to consider each of these techniques as a standalone activity. Rather one must put each of them into the broader context of other activities. Frankly there should be a lot of overlap among all you do so AR needs to think about how activity A contributes to activity B. For example, working on a response to a Forrester Wave update is also a:

  • Regular “top of mind” touch
  • Opportunity to influence the agenda and content for a future conference
  • Relationship building exercise
  • Chance to influence the analyst’s research priority list for the next year
  • Intelligence gathering about number and type of sales deals the analyst influences
  • And others

What makes this dovetailing of seemingly disparate activities easier is to have an AR strategic and tactical plan that acts as an umbrella for all activities. A good plan will map out many of the activities for the year and that will permit AR to determine what is redundant and can be eliminated. It will also highlight potential Continue reading